Sperm Freezing

It is similar to egg freezing and it allows men to freeze their sperm so that it can be used in the future. The freezing process removes the fear of becoming infertile if they are under any medical treatment or need to postponement the conception. The sperm can be in frozen for many years as there is no time frame to use.

Sperm freezing success rates

Generally, it is a common thought among people keeping sperm under freezing condition damages its quality. But this is not right and research studies found all of them in fine quality.

Why do you need to preserve sperm under freezing?

Storing of sperm is a right move since you can use it in the treatment after some years. There are other reasons to keep your sperm in freezing;

  • You are undergoing treatment that can make you infertile.
  • Your health not in good condition that makes you infertile in the near future.
  • You can donate the sperm.
  • You are unable to produce sperm on the day of treatment.
  • Your sperm quality not good or healthy and also having low sperm count issues.
  • You have to undergo a vasectomy surgery.

  • Risks involved with sperm freezing

    It is a seamless process and definitely carries no risks in the collection of your sperm. There is no risk to whom they are implanted or the children born to them.


    The doctors will explain the procedures of the process before you agree to donate your sperm that is to be frozen. There are four main points involved with sperm freezing;

  • Must undergo medical tests to check if you have any communicable diseases, such as HIV, Hepatitis B/C, and HTLV
  • You have to give a declaration in written form for preserving your sperm.
  • You are required to produce a sperm sample at the fertility center.
  • The sperm is frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen.

  • Cost of keeping your sperm in frozen

    The fertility center will charge a fee for keeping your sperm in frozen for one year. You can extend the contract beyond by paying the amount levied.

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