Micro- Tese

The common technique of producing sperm is by manual stimulation. It is used in the Assisted Reproductive Technology . There are a few cases there will be prevention on religious and medical grounds, the surgical sperm retrieval techniques come to the rescue. There are several factors for not producing enough sperm through ejaculation, the factors are;

Low sperm count, unable to ejaculate sperm due to blocked tubes, a genetic condition, low sperm motility.

Depending upon the nature of the problem in the male the above techniques are chosen after careful consideration. There are two forms to this situation that are when an obstruction is the issue and when there is no obstruction.

Micro- Tese (Micro-dissection Testicular Sperm Extraction)

This is similar to TESE, requires a micro-dissecting microscope. It will identify the healthy tissue to be removed. This process is invasive and doesn’t cause any threat to the inside parts of the testicle. This process also eliminates the chances of cutting minuscule blood vessels results in the developing of blood supply issues. The process increases the chances of retrieving more number of sperms required.

Tests required before sperm retrieval

The issue affects men and they have to undergo some tests to find the issue. When a man is unable to produce sperm in the semen it is known as Azoospermiaandit can be tested. While some young men have obstructive Azoospermiacaused due to testicular cancer. This type of cancer can be cured before that sperm has to be stored frozen. Otherwise, the treatment leads to infertility

There are other factors that lead to non-obstructive Azoospermia is abnormal cystic fibrosis gene. This is detected through no vas deferens. In this case, surgical sperm technique is possible, with 50; 50 chance. Other options are a sperm donor, IUI, IVF, and PGD techniques.

Surgical sperm techniques used when an obstruction is an issue

Men are unable to produce sperm due to a vasectomy or due to the blockage of vas deferens. There are several techniques in use to retrieve a large number of sperms that continue inside the testes. There are four techniques to retrieve sperm. In the three techniques sperms implanted through the skin by using tubes or needles. This test is done under the guidance of a local anesthetic. The fourth technique needs removal of sperm through open surgical carried under a general anesthetic.

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