What is Frozen Embryo Transfer?

If you are undergoing any treatment for infertility, then you must know the method. There are many steps in the process called IVF. Embryo transfer is one of the most important and final stages of the process critical to the success of the entire procedure.

About embryo transfer

It is a part of IVF process in which the embryos are implanted in your uterus. This process is completed when your eggs are fertilized by sperm and embryos cultured. This process is done in the IVF Centre.
The procedure is performed by experienced endocrinologist requires high-level concentration and any mistakes during the process affects the chances of conceiving.

When is it performed?

In the lab, the progress of your embryos will be monitored and transferred at a right stage. Your eggs mixed with sperm and developed in a culture medium. There are two types of embryo transfers performed, and they are as follows.

  • Day 3 embryo transfer
  • Day 5 or blast cyst embryo transfer.

    The clinic takes the final call depending on your medical history.

  • Day 3 Embryo transfer
  • It takes place after 72 hours of fertilization.
  • Day 5 or Blast cyst embryo transfer.
  • This is done when your embryos reach the blastocyst stage, after 5 days of fertilization. Many eminent fertility specialists prefer this route since it is easy to envisage and select the healthy embryos.

  • How many embryos are transferred?

    Two to four embryos are transferred during each IVF process is common. But, the exact number of embryos for transfer depends on many factors. They are:

  • Your risk level for multiple pregnancy
  • Your age
  • The health of your embryos
  • A number of embryos that were formed after egg retrieval.

  • Keep in mind; the number of embryo transfer, could result in multiple pregnancies and this will affect your health and baby’s health.

    How embryo transfer performed?

    The process is done at the fertility clinic and it is a painless procedure hence there is no need for giving anesthesia. You and your partner should reach the clinic in advance. You have to take fluids and the entire transfer of embryos done.

    After transfer

    Once the transfer is over, you have to take rest for 2 hours. After 48 hours you can resume your normal activities.

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